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We're hungry

Metaphorically, of course. Also literally.

You know that feeling you get when you bake a batch of cookies?  How the closer you get to finishing, the harder it is to wait?  And your house smells so amazing while they’re in the oven, and you’ve already had a couple of spoonfuls of the cookie dough to hold you over.  And you finally, finally make it through the thirty minutes of baking, take them out and set them on the cooling rack.  You’re so close, they’re right there – and they look like cookies, but you know they’re still too hot to eat.  But you take a big bite anyway, and it’s all worth it.

You could say that, in cookie terms, Sent by Mom is in the Cooling Phase.  It is not completely finished yet, but it was so close to being ready and we were so excited about it that we couldn’t wait until all of the features were developed to put it out there for people to start using.

Our ultimate goal is to provide people with an easy and affordable means to reach out to others in a more meaningful way, one that will make both parties feel good and help strengthen relationships.  What we have rolled out so far is just the beginning, and we will be adding a variety of additional features and options in the coming months.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or recommendations, head over to the Contact Section and let us know!